QGIS 2.0.1 – Properties and labeling.

Sep 24, 2013 | Open Source GIS, QGIS

So I’ve been working with 2.0.1 a bit and exploring. I’ve been running the beta version for a while but didn’t really want to say much about it for fear something would change. Now that it’s out though – I can talk for quite a bit.

So for today’s view into QGIS – the properties dialog. One of the not so fun things about teaching the QGIS class was labeling. You can get to labeling two different ways – one is through a toolbar and one is through the properties dialog box. In 1.8 there was a bit of a transition and the two ways led you to two different menus for labeling. For the record I always pointed users to the toolbar and away from the properties dialog box.

The great thing about watching 2.0.1 evolve…well it was two great things. One I had never watched a software project go between releases. I usually just wait for it to happen. The second was watching the user interface become uniform and more consistent.
Here is the 1.8 properties dialog box:



Here is the 2.0.1 properties dialog box:



In 1.8 you had a tremendous amount of tabs along the top. In 2.0.1 that shifted to the left and really cleaned things up. In both cases I’ve shown the labeling portion. It’s consistent between the toolbar and the properties dialog box in 2.0.1. The sample text is prominently displayed.

So that was the first bit of things I wanted to share. I’ll try and toss something else up here tomorrow.

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