Support and Services

North River Geographic Systems, Inc has been in business for over 17+ years and the owner has been in the Geospatial Industry for 30+. We are a commercial support provider for QGIS and Community Support for Geoserver as well as supporters of a lot of open source software packages. In 2012 we started our FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geo) journey one on project that was a blend of open source and commercial products (QGIS/PostGIS/Fulcrum/ArcGIS) and we expanded our offerings to be solely FOSS4G based.


  • Support GIS Services for Forestry Management
  • Image Analysis
  • Data Cleanup
  • Data Analysis
  • Migrating Existing Systems to FOSS4G
  • Geospatial Troubleshooting
  • Mobile Data Collection


TN NG911 Address Server

We also provide support for the TN NG911 Specification with the TN NG911 Address Project. The server is built off PostGIS/QGIS and can deliver data to most dispatch systems. It’s 100% compliant with the TN State Standard. Support for this software varies as it can include cloud services or data cleaning. Email us for details.

How we work (Estimated US Pricing):

  • QGIS Support covers as many installs of QGIS that you have at your organization (not per seat). It is billed in 10 hour blocks at $150 an hour to help control costs. As an example a 10 hour block of time would be $1500 dollars US. A 20 hour block of time is 3000 Dollars US.
    • We provide support until the time block is exhausted. We then bill again after notifying the client.
    • One Block is good for one calendar year. In other words if you use 8 or the 10 hours in 365 days but not the other 2 hours they are not carried over unless the project is active and ongoing.
  • Project based work: Customers are billed for 10 hours up front. Rates depend on the task at hand. Contact us for rates.
    • Tasks vary from Cartography, Database work, Data analysis, data scrubbing, etc.
    • If we can’t do the work we will help you find someone who can.
  • If the project is much larger than 10 or 20 hours we provide an estimate.
    • Estimates are free.
    • 25% down is required at the start.
    • Time is billed monthly.
    • We do our best to come in under the estimate.
    • Travel is estimated at the time of request and generally follows GSA rates for lodging and meals. Rates apply at the beginning of Travel

Services and Benefits:

  • Business Hours Contact and Support
  • Hourly or Monthly Support
  • On Site Support (Billed Separately)
  • Data Analysis and Scrubbing
  • Cartographic Products
  • Software Installation
  • QGIS/Geoserver/PostGIS/Mergin Maps Support
  • Field Data Collection with Mergin Maps
  • We will become your Interface to the FOSS4G Community
  • Discounts on Training