Tennessee NG911 Address Server

Set up a server in the cloud or in your office to maintain address data for the State of Tennessee’s Next Generation 911 System. With this server you can maintain or create: Addresses, ESNs, and Street Centerlines in a compliant database that exports to

The Server Includes:

  • QGIS 3.28.x- Provides the editing and map printing environment.
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS – maintains the Data in a database and with a projection.
  • Geoserver – Can push your data into an existing online map or an online map created for the purpose of viewing this data.


  • QAQC Tools on addressing
  • Share data with other GIS Clients
  • Push Data to a web map

This is a short video update of the project:

The database set up in PostGIS follows the TN NG-911 Standard and will share data with ESRI Software and and with Computer Aided Dispatch systems that work with any standard GIS File Format..

With it you can:

  • Add and Edit Data
  • Make Maps and Map Books
  • Export to the State of TN’s NG911 Database
  • Have Unlimited Desktop Users
  • Leverage Tennessee’s LIDAR data into your organization easily.

The biggest expense in this setup is the services. The Free and Open Source software is industry standard and backed by a community of users and commercial entities. Your organization doesn’t have to spend thousands on software for a legacy enterprise system. You can push that money into training, data cleanup, and enhanced services to help your community.