Curious About QGIS?

QGIS is an Open Source GIS Desktop that has grown from a small project to (in many cases) a replacement for ArcGIS Pro. You can edit shapefiles, ESRI File Based Geodatabases, and Geopackages with ease. You can also create cartographic products that can be exported to PDF, Tif, and JPEG. QGIS also works well with PostGIS and a host of other FOSS4G packages (as well as ESRI Software packages).

North River Geographic Systems, Inc is a business supporter and commercial support provider for QGIS In North America. We can answer questions, offer suggestions, and helpwith implementation. Some customers replace their current commercial software and some run QGIS along side their commercial software.

We also offer Classes for QGIS if you or your organization needs training.

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