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Does your organization need support or want to integrate more FOSS4G (like QGIS or PostGIS) into your workflow?  We provide support, training, and assistance for organizations. We’ve been in the industry for 25+ years.

QGIS Training

Want to take a US based QGIS class on the ins and outs of this Open Source Desktop Product. We offer classes to get you up to speed with real world examples and real world exercises you can carry back to your organization and get you moving.

TN NG911 Server

A FOSS4G Solution for managing your TN NG911 Data. NRGS employs a combination of QGIS, PostGIS, and Geoserver to collect, store, and serve your data. It is 100% compliant with the state of TN’s NG911 system

Mergin Maps

For Mobile Data collection we use Mergin Maps. Design your forms in QGIS and deploy that form to your android of IOS device. Need more than one person collecting data? Deploy to a multi-user organizational account.

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Effective problem solving with open source tools for GIS.

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Ramblings on Geospatial, Life, and Canoeing.

TN 911 Project and Network Analysis

TN 911 Project and Network Analysis

About 2 months ago I was speaking on the TN 911 database project and did a quick demo and promptly forgot about half of the demo once I walked away from the podium. One thing covered was the network tools in QGIS. 5 years ago (maybe more) I was asked by a local county...

Addressing Ramblings

I'm preparing to rollout the "new and improved" TN 911 database to a client. I've been working on it as time permits and I'm at a point where "it's done". You can deploy it and run it and life is good. Now the question is "can I add in some scripts to make your life...

QGIS: Tips and Tricks

A new class. A new 4 hour class I should say. The FOSS4GNA call for papers/workshops is currently ongoing. I've decided to change things up a bit and not submit an intro class but try a "QGIS: Tips and Tricks" class. That was my submission and hopefully it gets some...

QGIS 3.30: Text Widget

The fun continues as I walk though the change log for qgis 3.30. I'm running a bit behind - So lets talk widgets. QGIS introduces new widgets to help in data entry. Lets talk about the Text Widget. The TN911 project is starting to get some complicated menus and one...

QGIS 3.30: RAT

I'm behind. I feel like Raster Attribute Tables have been a thing and I've not had to use them so I just ignore it. After doing a bit of digging it looks like this has been a thing in QGIS and ESRI Software since about 2018/2019. I grabbed the National Landcover...

QGIS 3.30: Global Map Terrain

QGIS 3.30: Global Map Terrain

Did you ever get writers block? I did..well and still do. So after spending a few weeks "stuck" - I've decided to work my way through (as much as I can) the changelog for QGIS 3.30. I may talk later on "small business owner's block" (at least that's what I call it)....