Type in the TN NG911 Database

Jun 5, 2024 | 911, postgis, QGIS

THE PLAN…..there was a plan. Oh yes – the plan is to make editing and creating data in TN for the 911 addressing system to be as easy as possible. Menus and Triggers abound and now as two counties are using this with a third on the horizon – HOW do I make this easier?

Step one is adjust the menus. All Roads have a type and TN adheres to the USPS Road abbreviations. If I’m not mistaken there are 206 (from Alley to Wells) and I did them all in Alphabetical order. Which means you have like scroll for a bit to get to Road or RD.

Tennessee has a download for their state roads and I can quickly sort them out. Ever wonder what are the top 10 road abbreviations in TN?

Road and Drive are the top 2. Also Null and Single Space are 6 and 7. So moving forward there will be two tables to choose from in setting up the menus: Alphabetical and Sorted. And sorted will be based on the number of occurrences to cut down on an insane amount of scrolling.

The insane amount of scrolling type relation.

Next up – Address Numbers from your chair.

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