NRGS becomes a Small Sustaining Member of QGIS

Aug 25, 2022 | GIS

For a small recap:

  • The 2020 Lock Down Happened – and I knew I had to do better as a business.
  • In late 2020 I developed a new Game Plan
  • 2021 Moving Forward – put the plan into action.

I used to have a plan for everything. For a bit I stopped. As of late I’ve been laying out new goals for me and the business. One goal is to support the software that supports me. I have been providing support through the QGIS training program which does push about $20 dollars student back to the organization. Through that I was able to provide 600 dollars last year to QGiS. This year I’ve been less worried with training and more with clients.

QGIS has a sustaining member program as laid out below. A what?

As a 1.4 person roadshow I decided to become a small sustaining member. So I contributed 500 dollars to the QGIS organization. For comparison in my early days as a ESRI BP I would spend $1000 a year on BP fees plus $3000 every year on maintenance on my software. My last maintenance/BP Fee was in 2013. 2015 saw me make the move into QGIS. As I look back through this isn’t enough but for right now it’s a start.

What does the money get used for? Bug fixing. Developers. Website work. There are all sorts of expenses when you’re running a project. Below I captured a twitter discussion from Nyall on upgrading some infrastructure which was an expense to the QGIS org. What would happen if we all sent $50 dollars to QGIS?.

What does this mean for NRGS? It’s a commitment. I was lucky enough to be a commercial support point of contact for QGIS and now I’m doing a little bit more.


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