Intro to QGIS class goes Online

Jan 22, 2015 | QGIS, Training

This was a tough decision. I’ve been slowing down training and increasing consulting – and that’s a good thing.  The thing I enjoy the most in training “land” has been the QGIS class. I’ve got two of them written with a third in the works and people are popping up from New Jersey to California wanting me to teach the class. I’m making an appearance at two conferences to talk about QGIS….one of them I will be teaching an abbreviated version of this class.



Things this class assumes:

  • Basic Familiarity with GIS
  • You aren’t scared of the word projections!
  • You can install software.
  • You have a computer!

You will walk away:

  • Happy  because now you are familiar with another piece of GIS Software instead of the usual one.
  • being able to make a map at the end.
  • knowing you can add data to QGIS.
  • being familiar with the terminology and tools of QGIS.

Don’t take it if:

  • You are writing plugins
  • You’ve written your own projection
  • You’ve been doing this since 1.8
  • You properly pronounced Wroclaw

For the last week or so I’ve been working on converting it and making it self paced. I have no doubt there are some errors with it – but they should be minimal and with the students help eventually eliminated. It’s priced at $140 and it should take you a day to get through it (maybe a little more or a little less). The entire goal of this class is to be familiar with QGIS when you are done. As a GIS Professional or at least someone with more than a passing interest – it will get you familiar with the way QGIS works in relation to several other GIS software packages. The other two classes are migrating up there and I plan on reworking those a bit. I can squeeze more in because this is self paced.  I’m preparing for the 2.8 release but luckily this class sticks to the core of QGIS so short of some screenshots it doesn’t change a lot. I need to get the second class in that shape…and it’s slowly happening. Plus I’m around for questions – I’m only a google hangout or an email away at any point.

The Plan – and I hate to even put this in “digital ink” but it bothers me. I like QGIS. I’ve been trying to find a way to contribute more than going out and talking about it. The physical class had an end goal to donate money to the project. Teaching it wasn’t easy – It was Fun – but it’s hard getting 10 like minded people in a room that you have to rent and at a convenient time. I think with this route I can finally contribute back financially – My plan it to take part of the proceeds from the class and give it back to the project. Yes – I’m a commercial entity and I have to make money – but I can support the community while doing it. QGIS has made GIS fun again for me – so I need to help. You get a lot of software with QGIS with no pesky maintenance fee attached to it.

Anyway – that’s the news from the Desk with a 3lb cat sleeping peacefully.




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