Southeast FOSS4G Knoxville Updates

Jul 2, 2018 | FOSS4G, knoxville


First off – Tickets are live.

There is a charge this year to help with lunch and parking. Last year lunches were about 6 dollars and parking was 5 dollars. The fee plus sponsorship money should help with everything remaining balanced. If the fee is an issue – please let me know and we will work something out.


Right now we’re at $300 dollars promised and I have $100 of that in my hands. If you want to sponsor – it’s not that glamorous of an affair – we’re not having vendor booths but we will give you all the recognition we can before the event , at lunch, and as it ends. We’re attempting to start a FOSS4G movement in this area and so far it’s working. I’ll probably have a cut off for donations because I don’t want to make money off this – this is a break even affair.


Right now we’re at 2 speakers and about 3 more have promised to come and speak. So – please – if you want to hang out with your peers. We’re Shooting for 20 minutes and 5 minutes for questions. Which should give us room for about 14 or so speakers. Maybe a hair more or a hair less. I haven’t worked that schedule out yet – BUT I’m getting there.

Email List:

To help with keeping people informedĀ  we have an email list and you can add your name to get updates. I’ll also be emailing the OSGEO US, OSGEO Discuss, and Southeast OSGEO lists also as this develops.



Please come hang out in Knoxville August 13th 2018 and enjoy the group. Last years even was fun and packed with a ton of information.


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