FOSS4G Nashville 2022

Dec 1, 2022 | FOSS4G, GIS, nashville

For Posterity – here is the schedule for the FOSS4G event In Nashville.

It’s weird – I finally did some digging and this is the 4th Event I’ve run. We did one other meeting in Huntsville that I was half way involved in.

We were talking last night at Jackelope Brewing on these events. Not necessarily this event – but just why don’t we do more events like this. It’s pretty easy. Find a location. Charge a minimum fee. Feed everyone using the fee to get in. Make or loose $100 is the goal. Hold events and spread the word on FOSS4G. Maybe you just like QGIS – then do that. This event is sitting at 150 people: Probably 50 in house and 100 Virtually. So it will make an impact.

Anyway – this year Nashville brought in 18 presentations. Here you go for posterity!

Anyway – go hold your own #FOSS4g Conference

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