Mobile on the TN911 Project

Mar 22, 2023 | 911, MerginMaps, QGIS

So with everything else that’s been happening this week I decided to try out one more thing on this project and that was Mergin Maps. I’ve been reformatting the whole project to make it simpler. Right now I have a working database, almost working wiki page, and menus that I’m setting up. The menus will take some more time but they are close to being done.

I decided to sync a test project to Mergin Maps. Part of my issue is (like with the menus in QGIS) I’m not 100% sure what the workflow is for the client. As a consultant I can figure it out but what I am doing is guessing a lot on how mobile would work on the 911 project. I’m probably going to slow down on that and keep the menus simple (and keep the project simple). I did get to play with Mergin Maps and the new Bad Elf GPS Unit. So here is the menu from QGIS shoved onto my phone minus the GPS unit because I’m sitting in the office.

So yes – Mobile Data collection for your TN NG911 Project.

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