QGIS Processing: History

Jul 30, 2020 | Python, QGIS

If you’re anything like me (hopefully you aren’t) you’ll do something and immediately wished you hadn’t closed the processing window. Clip, simplify, select by location……

So in this case I had a call about contouring a Digital Elevation Model. Contours are easy. I ran them at 10…or maybe 20.


I decided to clip them with the county boundary since the DEM extends outside of the county into the neighboring counties and states.

QGIS and Clipped DEM

So the question is now “WHAT DID YOU DO”. You get up. You come back. Cat jumps in your lap. Your Mom calls. QGIS keeps a history of your processing commands. If you look at the processing toolbox you’ll see a small clock.

Click it and another windows opens

Here is the cool thing. You click any of the commands and you’ll be taken back to your original QGIS Processing menu. So if I can contours and don’t like them at 20 foot intervals? Go back and check the history, double click,  and change it to 10 and run it again. You like python? You have what you need to know and you can run that from the python console. I made one small change and dumped it to a shape this time vs a memory layer:

So if you do forget a tool setting in the processing tools after you closed it – just run it again by looking at your history for the processing toolbox.


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