QGIS Tips and Tricks – July 19th 2023 – Virtual

Jun 8, 2023 | GIS

So the Tips and Tricks Class is pulling together. I’ve decided to do a dry run next month to see how this is going to work. This will cover QGIS 3.28 and above and we will be blasting through this at 15 minutes a subject (for a total of 16 topics).

Speaking of Topics:

  • QGIS Projects
  • Profiles
  • Geopackage 
  • Multiple Views
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Forms 
  • CAD Tools
  • Temporal Controller
  • SQL
  • Virtual Layers
  • Locate Status Bar
  • Geoprocessing 
  • Command Line Tools
  • Model Builder
  • Relations
  • GPS Panel

Class information:

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/qgis-tips-and-tricks-tickets-653038986187

Cost: $75

Location: Virtual (Zoom)

Number of Students: 15

Time: 12 to 4 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Register and I’ll send the Link and Class a few days ahead of time. If you can’t swing the $75 bucks please send me an email

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