TNGIC 2024

Mar 27, 2024 | Lidar, QGIS

So – if you’re coming to the 2024 TNGIC (TN Geographic Information Council) meeting (April 9-11 2024) to talk about how no one understands what you do……I’m doing a workshop. What workshop?

It’s a new workshop. QGIS and LIDAR data. As to what I do with the class after I run this workshop I have no clue. This was a “last minute” idea because I hardly ever use LIDAR for anything in my day to day life but people do and TN has a massive collection of this data. QGIS (thanks to PDAL) has done some pretty amazing things with LIDAR in the last few releases so I’m going to walk you through the TN LIDAR Data and what you can do with QGIS.

We are going to work through DEMs, LAZ files, and a few tricks like 3D, Filtering, and clipping LAZ files over 4 hours at Montgomery Bell State Park. It’s not live streamed. We’re just doing this for the people at the conference. Will I do this later and broadcast it? Probably.

The more interesting thing that will happen will be Wednesday. We’re doing an Open Source Takeover Wednesday from like 12 to 4. We have 5 presentations lined up that have nothing to do with avenue for the web or experience builder. We will talk 3D Printing, Jupyter Notebooks, Mobile Data Collection, and the latest in QGIS developments. That’s quite a change for the ESRI centric conference. Hopefully it continues.

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