Small Business Supporter of QGIS

Jul 26, 2023 | FOSS4G, QGIS, Small Business

I was able to re-up NRGS’s commitment to the QGIS Organization last week. Granted – not a ton of money but things are budgeted etc etc and it was time.

So what does that get me? Well – a logo I can anchor on my website. What does it get all of us? So for like $550 Dollars US I get to sponsor my main piece of GIS software plus the organization and we all reap the benefits. Take a look at the sponsor list. WE are all helping each other. Maybe my 500 benefits someone somewhere out there.

Back when I was in ESRI land I spent $3000 a year on Maintenance plus $1000 a year for being a Business Partner. I get a lot more out of my $550. Not to say that being a BP with ESRI plus paying for the software wasn’t worth it – it just didn’t work for me. Plus – I need to sponsor more things. QGIS is just one tool in the toolbox. So GDAL…Geoserver….postgis…..I could toss $500 at each a year and still be at half what I was paying. Plus I have all the tools I had before. Actually more.

Support your local FOSS4G Software.

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