Removing Spaces with Field Calculator

  • Software: QGIS 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Created: August 2021

I’m working with some data and have a column “typesuffix” with extra spaces in it. This happens with data occasionally – you can have spaces before/after or in the data you don’t want or need.

The data should have a value ‘Rd’ with no space – but instead I have ‘ Rd’

Open Field Calculator and use the trim function. In my case the field holding the data is called “typesuffix”.

This takes us from ‘ Rd’ to ‘Rd’ by using trim(“typesuffix”) and all the trailing and leading spaces are removed

what if you have spaces in names you don’t want? Maybe I have an attribute that is ‘Q G I S’ and it needs to be ‘QGIS’. Use the replace function and do the following: replace(‘Q G I S’, ‘ ‘, ”) which says take the attribute with spaces and replace the spaces with no spaces.

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