QGIS – Value Map Widget

  • Software: 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Updated: July 2021

In this case I am inputting data and I don’t want to keep typing the same attributes into QGIS. The Value Map widget allows me to do this.

I have point data.

If you right click on the point layer in QGIS you can go to properties and in the properties dialog you will see “attributes form” on the left hand side.

You want to select that and pick the field you want to build the value widget for. In this case I want to build a value widget for point_type. I select point_type and set the widget type to Value Map.

I have a list of values that I want to build a dropdown list. Enter those values in the Value and Description. Note the Value is what is assigned and the description is what you see. In the below example having a value of Residential and a description of Residential are perfectly fine. I could also have a value of 1 and a description of Blue.

Finally – I have a drop down list to help with data input when I start editing the point layer.

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