QGIS: Using ESRI’s File Based Geodatabase

  • Software: QGIS 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Updated: August 2021

You have an ESRI File Based Geodatabase and you want to use it in QGIS. Getting it into QGIS is actually pretty easy. There are two things you need to be aware of:

  • You can’t edit a File Based Geodatabase. You can convert the layers into something
  • QGIS doesn’t recognize any image layers within a File Based Geodatabase

Open the Data Source Manager

When the Data Source Manager opens be sure to select the vector tab. Be sure to set data source type to directory and the type to OpenFileGDB.

Click add and you can add the feature classes from the File Geodatabase. QGIS doesn’t see the datasets in the file. You can pick and choose what layer you want to add.

QGIS’s Browser also allows you to navigate to the directory holding the ESRI File Based Geodatabase and add feature classes.

You also can just drag and drop the File Based Geodatabase from a file explorer and into QGIS if you wish.

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