QGIS: Functions, Processing, and Forms

QGIS: Functions, Processing, and Forms is designed to walk you through various tools and functionality in QGIS. We will walk though functions and how these can be implemented with your work. We will use the processing tool sto do some minor analysis and build a model. We also take a look at forms and how these can be used to control editing.

Length of workshop: 12 hours

Topics Covered:

  • Processing Tools and Model Designer
  • Editing
  • Expressions and Functions
  • Forms and Widgets
  • SQL and Spatial SQL

What to expect from this workshop: This workshop will cover more in depth subjects about an in depth look at building expressions and using functions not covered in the introductory class. Users will use the processing tools and build models to conduct analysis. We will use the forms and editing tools to make editing easier. Time permitting we will cover Layouts. We may not get to SQL and Virtual layers but you will get the material.

Level of experience required for this workshop: If you’ve been using QGIS for some times and have been using geopackages, using the field calculator, or doing some minor analysis work – this class will be of interest. If you are new to QGIS you should probably start with the Exploring QGIS workshop. Everyone that takes the class gets a certificate from the QGIS Organization and QGIS receives a donation in return.

Cost: $225 per person for 12 hours.

In-house pricing is available as well. Contact us if you are interested in NRGS bringing this workshop to your organization.