QGIS Support Updates

Dec 6, 2023 | GIS

You’ve read the title and went “We knew that you were doing QGIS Support”. Well……

So I did something like 7 conferences this year. Maybe 6. Honestly I lost count. What I didn’t lose count of were my notes. I tackled this year like I did 2020 in asking “What does NRGS do well and what does NRGS not do well”.

To keep this post a bit short, one of this things that stuck out in the notes was support. The big box GIS retailer increased their maintenance rates and that has led to slightly more interest than normal on QGIS when I’m at conferences. So I have decided to dive into support more by first laying out a pricing list and a general idea of what support costs. Is it comprehensive? Not entirely as I’m still doing estimates for larger jobs. I didn’t cover any price breaks for non-profits.

I’ve been doing support off and on for the last few years for multiple organizations ranging from private companies to small county government. What I learned was the problems haven’t changed drastically over the last 30 years: Data and Process

Basically Support is:

  • I expect QGIS will be the main package supported.
  • Sold in 10 hour blocks.
  • Typically it’s $150 or $175 an hour depending on your current customer status. So you’re looking at $1500 to $1750 for 10 hours.
  • Clients generally burn 8 to 9 hours a year.
  • I’m also covering PostGIS as that’s one of my favorite tool these days.
  • NRGS is also working on supporting geoserver. That’s been informally supported but we’ve been doing a deep dive into it the last few months.

What normally happens?

  • Clean up a lot of data and point out a better process.
  • Tell people to stay on the LTR OR if they don’t tell them to upgrade versions.

Anyway, more news is coming as I update the website and start my “end of the year blog posts”.

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