QGIS Deployment CLI

Jan 5, 2024 | QGIS

In my attempt to do one blog post a week on something – today it’s QGIS.

One of my clients did a hefty install of QGIS and they went and touched every box and then had a list of “things to do” like installing plugins and connecting services. I know there are different avenues through windows (and probably through linux) to get things installed. One thing I wondered at the time is making it easier. Luckily I’m hardly ever on the front end of software deplyment.

Digging around the other day I ran into this repo on github. You can install it through Pip or Docker and from my testing you can build a QGIS Profile (using a json file) so you can deploy all your settings to a new install. I tested the default profiles that come with it and I recieved new plugins, new WMS connections, and changes to the default options.

Not to retype everything because you can read the docs:

QGISDeploymentToolbelt_0-27-0_Windows.exe -s https://github.com/Guts/qgis-deployment-cli/raw/main/examples/scenarios/demo-scenario.qdt.yml

…aaaand a new profile.

What did the demo profile look like?

I talked to a person at a large federal agency this morning and if they spent time building a standard QGIS deployment you could sync that to Github and run this took and you probably have everything except database/password connection.

Anyway – Open Source tools to make your QGIS life less difficult.

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