QGIS: Create points from an Excel Spreadsheet

  • Software: QGIS 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Created August 2021

I have a spreadsheet full of data and X and Y columns. I want to add this to QGIS.

Usually you would export the data to CSV and then import the data through the Data Source Manager. Instead we are going to import this data directly from the spreadsheet.

Drag and Drop your spreadsheet directly into QGIS. If you have more than one sheet you’ll be asked to pick a sheet to import.

As you can see in my QGIS session I have a city limit and a table (which is the excel spreadsheet) and I’m checking the attributes. It always helps if you know what projection of the columns in your excel spreadsheet. In my case the projection is EPSG:4326.

QGIs with an excel spreadsheet added.

Search for Create Points layer from Table in the Processing tools.

Create point layer from table processing tool.

I only had two columns in my spreadsheet – so I need to set X and Y in the X Field and Y Field portion of the Processing tool.

All that is left is to click run. QGIS will create a temporary scratch layer and you will need to save it to your favorite data format.

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