QGIS: Convert an Image into a Geopackage

  • QGIS Version: 3.20
  • Platform: Any
  • Updated August 2021

You can store images in Geopackage. In this case I’m going to take the image in my qgis session and save it to geoapckage. Later I can save vector data into this same geopackage. I have downloaded a NAIP image from The National Map and have added it to QGIS

QGIS Program showing an image

Loading an image into a geopackage is essentially the same as loading vector data.

Right click your image in the layers panel and click “Export”. Be sure to pick geopackage. I usually save as ‘Rendered image’.

QGIS Export Dialog for an image

For the record – I usually don’t save images to a geopackage BUT i have people that as and that’s how I usually do it.

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