QGIS: Arrow in the direction of line digitization

  • Software: QGIS 3.22
  • OS: Any
  • Updated: October 2021

I want to put an arrow or triangle to show me the direction of digitizing. In this case I have a road and it’s important to know which way the person digitized it. Maybe I have a stream and I need to know if it is flowing “uphill” vs “downhill”.

Open QGIS and add your vector data.

Right click the layer and go to properties -> Symbology. You should have a simple line as you symbol.

Add a marker line symbol by pressing the plus button.

Change the marker line placement to on central point.

Change Simple Marker to a triangle and be sure to set the rotation to 90 degrees.

If I change the marker size to something larger than normal – you should have an arrow (triangle) pointing downstream.

There are several other ways to accomplish this but this seems to hold true between versions of QGIS

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