QGIS and GPS Tether on Windows 10


  • QGIS 3.20
  • GPS Gate Splitter Software
  • OS: Windows
  • Updated August 2021.


  • Garmin Etrex

You want to tether a GPS to QGIS to collect data or to verify where you are physically on the ground in relation to your data. There was some discussion online on whether Windows 10 could use it’s internal software to connect to the GPS and not use GPS Gate – I decided to install it and remove any doubt.

Download GPS Gate Splitter Software

Install GPS Gate Splitter Software

Attach Garmin Etrex to Laptop using a Mini USB Cable. Turn on the GPS Unit if it isn’t already on. Follow the screen shots:

Franson GPS Gate Menu

Franson GPS Detection

Click Yes

Franson GPS Share

Click next

Franson Final

Click Finish

Open QGIS.  Under the View menu click panels and select GPS Information. You should see the GPS Information menu (pictured to the left) appear in the lower left side of the  QGIS interface.

Click the Wrench icon. Make sure autodetect is selected and click connect. In about 30 seconds you should be connected to your GPS and have a scrolling Map display.

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