QGIS: Adding an X and Y Coordinate to Point Data using Processing Tools

  • Software: QGIS 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Updated: August 2021

If you want the x and y coordinates for point data it’s fairly simple to do in QGIS 3.20. There’s actually two ways you can go about doing this. This is the easiest with the second being done in Field Calculator

Add your data to qgis.

QGIS with point data added

Once it has been added open the processing tools and search for the add geometry attributes tool.

Add Geometry Tools

Execute the tool. It will create a new layer called Added Geometry Info. That will add a xcoord and ycoord column to your data.

QGIS attribute table with added columns

The tools also gives you the option of adding the data’s projection or the projections specified in QGIS.

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