QGIS: Adding An ArcServer Rest Service

  • Software: QGIS 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Updated August 2021

When you’re working with QGIS you’ll find in many cases there is existing data being served out through ESRi’s ArcServer Application. Many times it’s a REST Service and you need to connect and see the data.

For the example I’m pulling an REST service from Hawaii. The big piece of work in this is finding the REST service endpoints and you’ll need to find that out from your organization/city/county/state.

The REST Endpoint in this case is:


  Open the Data Source Manager in QGIS:

Select the ArcGIS REST Server tab and click New Connection

Give your connection a name and copy and paste the URL into the URL portion.

Click OK and click connect

  You should have a list of connections to choose from. Once connected you can export the data out (at least in my case I could) and save it locally. You can’t edit the data.

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