QGIS: Add a CSV File

  • Software: QGIS 3.20
  • OS: Any
  • Updated: August 2021

I need to add a CSV file to QGIS. The file has columns for locations and I’m lucky enough to know that the file shoudl reside in EPSG:4326 . For this example I am going to be using data from the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

Open QGIS and click on your Data Source Manage Icon.

Delimited Text input on the Data Source Manager Tab in QGIS.

Choose the file you downloaded (or have on hand) from the Earthquake Site. When you add your file if will be displayed under sample data. QGIS is smart enough to know generally what columns are used to define X and Y – BUT you may have to define it. You’ll also need to know what projection in which your data resides.

Adding data to the QGIS Delimited Text Tool

Once you have the Geometry defined go ahead and click “Add” at the bottom.

QGIS with earthquake data added

Once you have this layer it can be exported to any file format you want like Shapefile, geopackage, or KML.

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