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Need Support?

Does your organization need support or want to integrate more FOSS4G (like QGIS or PostGIS) into your workflow?  We provide support, training, and assistance for organizations. We’ve been in the industry for 25+ years.

QGIS Training

Want to take a US based QGIS class on the ins and outs of this Open Source Desktop Product. We offer classes to get you up to speed with real world examples and real world exercises you can carry back to your organization and get you moving.

TN NG911 Server

A FOSS4G Solution for managing your TN NG911 Data. NRGS employs a combination of QGIS, PostGIS, and Geoserver to collect, store, and serve your data. It is 100% compliant with the state of TN’s NG911 system

Mergin Maps

For Mobile Data collection we use Mergin Maps. Design your forms in QGIS and deploy that form to your android of IOS device. Need more than one person collecting data? Deploy to a multi-user organizational account.

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Effective problem solving with open source tools for GIS.

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News, Thoughts, and Geo

Ramblings on Geospatial, Life, and Canoeing.

Beck Knob Project

Beck Knob Project

If I ever had to stand behind one thing I've learned as a business and working in Geo - there is no end to free work. A few years ago I had to do a hard stop on volunteer projects and settle on one a year. That one can be one week in length. It can be 6 months. It can...

NRGS becomes a Small Sustaining Member of QGIS

NRGS becomes a Small Sustaining Member of QGIS

For a small recap: The 2020 Lock Down Happened - and I knew I had to do better as a business. In late 2020 I developed a new Game Plan 2021 Moving Forward - put the plan into action. I used to have a plan for everything. For a bit I stopped. As of late I've been...

QGIS Support Redux

Back to QGIS ramblings. I mentioned in a previous blog post I was doing QGIS support specifically for one company but in reality it's been about every client where I install QGIS. The one company turned into a retainer where I tested the waters of "can I do this?"....

Blast from the Past

Welcome to my ramblings this morning on the official blog of NRGS. So way back when I was a geology person. I did the time. Got the paper. Never practiced the art. Instead I was lured into the sordid world of mapping. From 1989 to about 1991 I rambled through college...

Supporting the Folk

Ever since taking the dive into FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geo) I've always wondered "Can I do support?" and if you've remotely followed the business you've seen me float out different ideas for software support and mostly they've been rehashed examples...

QGIS Fun: Geometry by Expressions

QGIS Fun: Geometry by Expressions

One question last week: "Why don't my buffers come out right in EPSG:4326". That launched into an explanation starting off with "Well....the Earth is round...". We ended up discussing the buffer tool and "surprise" you can't easily buffer in EPSG:4326. You really need...