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QGIS Support

We are a commercial Support provider for QGIS. We also provide QGIS Training. If you’re looking at making a switch from your license restricted software, we can help with workflow and make your upgrade to Open Source a success.

Data Analysis

Data is usually a very complicated conversation. We employ a host of open source tools to create maps, solve problems, and present you with usable insights into your data. From data collection to data display we can help.

PostGIS Support

Is your organization looking at doing more with it’s GIS Data? PostGIS/PostgreSQL provides a stable database for your data and a very capable analysis platform. It connects easily with QGIS, Geoserver, and a whole host of FOSS4G Applications.

Mergin Maps

For Mobile Data collection we use Mergin Maps. Design your forms in QGIS and deploy that form to your android of IOS device. Need more than one person collecting data? Deploy to a multi-user organizational account.

Geospatial for your organization

Effective problem solving with open source tools for GIS.

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News, Thoughts, and Geo

Ramblings on Geospatial, Life, and Canoeing.

Bike Lanes in Chattanooga

Bike Lanes in Chattanooga

I was sitting around thinking there other day that I've been doing OpenStreetMap "things" for way too long. With one volunteer job going dormant I decided to re-visit something I had worked on 12 years ago. I had met up with some OSM folk here in town around 2010 and...

Exploring QGIS 3.28 July 25th and 26th 2023

Exploring QGIS class is coming! The Exploring QGIS class is back with three new sections: 3D, Mobile, and the Temporal Controller. I know - 3 new sections but it's 3 sections that have matured enough I'm including. Which makes this one a full 8 hours. I had added...

QGIS Tips and Tricks – July 19th 2023 – Virtual

So the Tips and Tricks Class is pulling together. I've decided to do a dry run next month to see how this is going to work. This will cover QGIS 3.28 and above and we will be blasting through this at 15 minutes a subject (for a total of 16 topics). Speaking of Topics:...

TN 911 Project and Network Analysis

TN 911 Project and Network Analysis

About 2 months ago I was speaking on the TN 911 database project and did a quick demo and promptly forgot about half of the demo once I walked away from the podium. One thing covered was the network tools in QGIS. 5 years ago (maybe more) I was asked by a local county...

Addressing Ramblings

I'm preparing to rollout the "new and improved" TN 911 database to a client. I've been working on it as time permits and I'm at a point where "it's done". You can deploy it and run it and life is good. Now the question is "can I add in some scripts to make your life...

QGIS: Tips and Tricks

A new class. A new 4 hour class I should say. The FOSS4GNA call for papers/workshops is currently ongoing. I've decided to change things up a bit and not submit an intro class but try a "QGIS: Tips and Tricks" class. That was my submission and hopefully it gets some...