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Commercial QGIS Support

We are a commercial Support provider for QGIS. We also provide QGIS Training. If you’re looking at making a switch from your license restricted software, we can help with workflow and make your upgrade to Open Source a success.

Migrate to QGIS

With the final days of ArcMap approacing now is a good time to take back your Geospatial form a sole vendor and invest in Free and Open Source Geospatial. NRGS can migrate you away from your propietary offerings to something new and current.


Thinking about adding more FOSS4G to your Organization? Are you looking at implementing QGIS or other software to help expand your geospatial offerings? Come take a class from NRGS! Take a class and help support the Software. 

Mergin Maps

For Mobile Data collection we use Mergin Maps. Design your forms in QGIS and deploy that form to your android of IOS device. Need more than one person collecting data? Deploy to a multi-user organizational account.

TN Next Gen 911

Working with address data in TN? We’ve developed a workflow to help maintain your address data in a database. ESRI Compatible and delivers data to RapidSOS and the Tennessees NG911 System.

Data Analysis

Looking for Data Analysis or Data Cleanup? NRGS has 30+ years worth of experience in providing answers to spatial questions. We use a variety of tools to provides answers in spreadsheet or cartographic form.

GIS Support

NRGS has 30+ years in designing and implementing a GIS (Geographic Information System). We work exclusively with free and open source tools to bring you a cutting edge experience.

Open Source Geospatial Tools.

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News, Thoughts, and Geo

Ramblings on Geospatial, Life, and Canoeing.

TNGIC 2024

TNGIC 2024

So - if you're coming to the 2024 TNGIC (TN Geographic Information Council) meeting (April 9-11 2024) to talk about how no one understands what you do......I'm doing a workshop. What workshop? It's a new workshop. QGIS and LIDAR data. As to what I do with the class...

iNaturalist and QGIS

I am probably the worst for being able to properly name "things". There are big trees and little trees. There are the annoying bugs and the not so annoying bugs. There are ducks, birds, bigger birds, and the birds that hang out at my bird feeder. As much time as I...

Mergin Maps and DB Sync

Mergin Maps and DB Sync

I don't know if I would label this exercise as fun but I've learned alot. I don't do a ton of data collection these days. At one time a few years ago I was out in the field with Fulcrum, a laptop, and sketchy internet for days at a time. These days I'm hardly ever...



I said this year I was cutting back on conferences....and then someone called from Montana. I am headed to Montana to teach the Intro to QGIS Class. I'll be doing that Tuesday April 16th - it will be the 1/2 day edition. At some point I'll also be speaking. That...

PostgreSQL Notifications and QGIS

PostgreSQL Notifications and QGIS

This usually turns up in the QGIS world every two years - So it's my turn to talk about it. This month I did an emergency install of the TN 911 database. Basically client had a problem, we solved it in the most elegant way possible, and I'm still sorting out a few...

First install of the new TN 911 Database

First install of the new TN 911 Database

If you're just tuning in I built a postgis database for the TN NG 911 project. What this has turned into is "small counties who can't/don't want to run with an ESRI solution". I posted the code up on github (and I realize every day I suck at github). So what did I...