Mar 7, 2024 | QGIS

I said this year I was cutting back on conferences….and then someone called from Montana.

I am headed to Montana to teach the Intro to QGIS Class. I’ll be doing that Tuesday April 16th – it will be the 1/2 day edition. At some point I’ll also be speaking. That should be fun as I’m probably the only person there with a East TN Accent. I expect a lot of people to go “WHAT?” as I speak.

Why Montana? So if you flash back to 2015 I taught the Intro Class in San Francisco at the FOSS4GNA meeting in Burlingame CA. I had a guy name Andy Rahn from Montana come and take the class. What started from that has been some random work and random phone calls and he suggest I come visit Montana…..and that’s how easy I am. It’s the nice thing I like about the GIS community (in particular the QGIS Community) you can make a friend that sticks around for 9 years based off one class (that wasn’t my best class by any stretch).

If anyone wants to get together and tell lies about QGIS or much of anything – yell.

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