First install of the new TN 911 Database

Feb 7, 2024 | 911, postgis, QGIS

If you’re just tuning in I built a postgis database for the TN NG 911 project. What this has turned into is “small counties who can’t/don’t want to run with an ESRI solution”. I posted the code up on github (and I realize every day I suck at github).

So what did I learn with this install? Originally it took about 3 or 4 days when I had 0 clue as to what I was doing to get all the data moved over. This time it took about 1 day to move all the data and correct underlying errors. I had two small errors in the scripts I need to work out but that was too be expected. Overall it’s working as intended. The new goal is to get Mergin Maps working properly and smooth out field data collection.

So what did I really learn with this install? What were the hard lessons? The database is the database. There is no room for interpretation on the data. You run two scripts and you have a functioning database in less than 30 seconds. There are 6 layers and those 6 layers aren’t negotiable. I can add more in if we want – but I can only worry about those 6.

What isn’t set in stone is HOW data is collected. One county has one way. One county has another way. As the state only enforces certain fields most don’t collect the “extra” columns like “attdate” (which tells you when you updated an attribute). At the beginning there was the hope of providing a lot of customized scripts to help in the addressing and what I’m seeing is that won’t happen as I can’t guess everyone’s magic in creating addresses. I can bring some insight and technical wizardry – BUT ultimately I don’t have a one size fits all approach. The database does provide a clean export to the state though. I did have to run one script at the end to fix a sequence/primary key problem BUT that may not be 100% necessary for everyone.

Overall I was pretty happy with the way this went. I’m removing some scripts and other “customized” things out of the repository on github because I’m not convinced they will help. I’m actually convinced it’s going to lead to some confusion. I’m not a big fan of “more confusion”.

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