Fed Geo Day 2020 June 11th and 12th 2020

Jun 3, 2020 | FOSS4G, QGIS

You know what I was going to do next week? Going to Washington DC and Teach a QGIS class.

You know what I’m doing now – Sitting in my house and teaching a class at Fed Geo Day on June 12th 2020

So what is Fed Geo Day:


For decades open source software has been at the forefront of innovation in data collection, analysis, and visualization. Today, open source geospatial software has evolved into an “open ecosystem” of software, communities, and companies that enable field data collection and advanced visualization and lead the way in drone, lidar, IOT, and satellite imagery collection and analysis.

When open source software is combined with open standards for interoperability, government agencies have the most scalable, stable, secure and cost effective tools available to support activities including:

  • Empowering disadvantaged communities with limited funding
  • Enabling real-time data analysis at planetary scale
  • Optimizing release schedules for constituent facing tools

Join us for this one day conference in the heart of Washington DC. The morning plenaries will share how open source geospatial tools have become a critical part of operations within multiple federal agencies. The afternoon break out sessions will tackle technical and management solution use cases.

  • $20 dollars gets you into the conference
  • $20 dollars gets you into the QGIS Class. There are a lot of training options beyond the Introduction to QGIS class.

Attend! Support Open Source in the Federal Space!

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