Chatsworth Water Works Commission

North River Geographic Systems has worked off an on with Chatsworth Water Works Commission providing support to their growing Geographic Information System.

In 2018 NRGS was contacted to move CWWC to an Enterprise System consisting of QGIS and PostGIS. Fulcrum was also implemented to aid in their MS4 compliance and eventually became a standard data collection piece for them.

  • QGIS LTR was installed on all the Desktop computers
  • QGIS LTR was installed on the work trucks and attached to GPS Dongles
  • Postgresql 10 and PostGIS 2.4  was installed on a windows server
  • Data was moved from a File Based Geodatabase to Postgresql
  • QML files were built as well as menus to aid in data entry

The second part of this project will be to add geoserver to serve their multiple years of imagery to employees through out CWWC.

Currently they’ve moved from one editor to three and are collecting data with Survey Grade GPS units into Fulcrum.