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Aug 26, 2016 | Chattanooga, GIS, postgis, QGIS, Tennessee, Training

It’s been a while since I talked about training. After the epic episode of people deciding they would take the class then not pay for it – I’ve been deciding exactly how I change this up. This whole episode burned me out a bit so I took some time off teaching.

I had a respected peer ask (paraphrased) “What are you doing with your training classes? What is the plan?” and I didn’t have a good answer. So I’ve been trying to come up with a plan. Work has kept me busy enough that it’s not been a big deal BUT I don’t do much without a plan.

So without further adieu……

  • Classes are going to be offered 4 times a year. Once a quarter. I’m putting together 4th quarter 2016 as I type this and should have a date laid out by the end of August.
  • To register there will be a deposit of $125 dollars. If I cancel the class the $125 is refunded and if you cancel the $125 isn’t refunded.
  • Classes will be in Chattanooga TN. I’m arranging the space now.
  • I am going to be picky on who attends. I want this to be a good experience so it’s up to me to weed out the people who are not going to make this a good experience.
  • Classes are going up to $375 a person per day.
  • I am going to put some more effort into attending conferences and teaching this class. I taught this last at FOSS4GNA 2016 and it was a really good diverse group. Two University professors complemented the class. I would love to say it was all me – the coauthor still deserves 75% of the glory.

The Classes:

The QGIS class is going to remain in it’s original form but it is updated with each release. It’s running a tight 8 hours. I’m also offering a second day centered on PostGIS. I’m in the beginning stages of writing that one. I’m taking it from a QGIS aspect. A lot of what this class will do is “de-mystify” PostGIS for the new user and I hope put you on a path to learning this software. It took a good bit to even lay out the talking points of the class. I’m excited though. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and it’s happening. I’m not an expert but the combination of QGIS/PostGIS is a powerful setup for the Geospatial professional and a lot of people I talk to go “Eh it’s too hard”. It’s not easy – but it can be learned. I want people to at least experience it in a good environment.

Why all of this now? It’s time for me to get serious or stop. The classes are fun and are a source of income. I’m also hoping more regularly scheduled events puts this into a realm where I can give back to these projects and try to use the money to help fund a OSGEO type GIS chapter locally. Chattanooga has a huge mapping history – what better way to honor that than to form a geo community locally.

So anyway – more news is coming. Classes are coming. Community is also hopefully coming. For those of you who keep reading my ramblings – Thanks!

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