Small Business Cat

Oct 21, 2022 | Small Business

Actually Small Business KitKat. The blog has been quiet on the pet front and now I have to do one more update.

Tuesday night I was sitting with Kit Kat and I realized we had finally reached the end of the line. No more killing small catnip rats and no more random youtube shows about squirrels.

It was a rough few weeks on this end of things. Work has been good. Life has been mostly good. Except a change of seasons was coming and that change was rough on an old cat. A few weeks ago I woke up and KitKat was slumped over in the floor. I got her up and over the course of 24 hours she was back. Slower but back. Two weeks later whatever happened happened again. A week later it happened again and that was it. “What do you mean ‘Whatever happened?’ – you didn’t take her to the vet?” No. She would have been required to get some shots and she was an inside cat. A very old inside cat. I’m pro-shot on everything – but not in this case. You couldn’t fix the ultimate problem – time. Time gets us all.

I didn’t have many pics of KitKat as a kitten. Why? Well – I didn’t have a cell phone in 2000. She was the last of a pile of stray kittens born under my house. Now that I think I did have a camera but you had to get film developed. I think I bought a digital camera in like 2006 and a cell shortly after. Yeah. 2000. The best I could figure as I sat Tuesday night KitKat has been around something around 22 years. Maybe 21. I’m not sure what that is in Cat years but……… Her half sibling died in 2015 and from what I could figure then she was 14 or 15. Kit Kat was less than a year younger than Stitch.

KitKat was a big fan of youtube for a while. Not all the commercials though.

I often complain about small business life. Some days are easy – some aren’t. It’s really not easy with a sick pet. Tuesday and Wednesday were a wash. Mostly I sat and held her until I had some zoom calls and got her wrapped up tight enough in a blanket she was quiet. We made the last trip to the vet Wednesday.

Anyway – I was thinking back on all the weirdness through the years. Started a business. Got divorced. Moved twice. Been mostly settled here in a house but I’ve been strongly debating buying again and getting more permanently settled. Every night we fight for the couch and some nights she won and some I did. The last week my “research time” wasn’t just because she wanted to be a lap cat so I sat there until I was asleep holding a cat.

Anyway – the last update for a while. I’m not without small furry creatures. Although this was the end of an era – 13 years ago and it was me and 4 cats and through the years the original band of musketeers slowly got down to four…… three….then two…then me. I said when my dog passed years ago “there won’t be another dog like this one”. I stick to that claim. I say today there won’t be a band of small furry animals like them: Stu, Stitch, Miso, and KitKat.

Catch you on the other side.

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