QGIS/OSGEO Meetup on October 9th 2014 – Athens Georgia

Sep 23, 2014 | Atlanta, FOSS4G, GA URISA, Georgia, QGIS

Well – so the second QGIS meetup happens at the Georgia Geospatial Conference in Athens October 9th 2014. Currently the location is “Hunt me down at the conference on Monday”.

I had a brief email conversation yesterday and my debate is turning this into more of an OSGEO Meetup group. The discussion jumped around “chapter” and “official” and in the end it was decided to just run with a meetup for a while and see what happens. It’s all in the advertising – and I think “OSGEO” has more gravitas than “QGIS”. Not that I’m abandoning the QGIS Group by any means – it just widens the noise a bit with what I can do vs. focusing on 1 piece of software.

Anyway – watch for more info coming shortly. We’re two weeks out from the conference. I’m doing two talks and one workshop. Prepare for more noise on the workshop also as it gets “opened” as somewhat of a pattern for a Mapping Party type of event…for GIS People.

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