Operation Cowboy: Pikeville TN

Nov 23, 2012 | Open Source GIS, Open Street Map, Tennessee

…and so I start the day fat and mapping. I’ve got a lot to do today so I probably won’t really get mapping till dark.

So I decided last night I was going to work on Pikeville TN. Where is it you asked? Well – it’s halfway past the middle of no where if you’re not from here – or actually about 80 miles up the road from me and where my Dad grew up. I don’t get up there much – so this might give me a reason to show back up and do something constructive. As of the last census Pikeville had about 2400 residents. Realistically, there’s no way anyone is ever going to map this place. They’ve been working on the town ever since someone decided to put in a bypass and killed downtown. Downtown is pretty nice these days – sparse but nice.  I’m also trying to locate cemeteries – that’s a big deal in a small town. So far I’ve found one and am trying to locate the second from Aerial Photography.

I started last night fixing roads and adding buildings. I’ll most likely check the administrative boundary because it doesn’t look quite right. So if you get bored and you’re looking for somewhere to map – join me. I’m in and out today because I’m also working on my house and finishing up the last of the home repairs. At the very least move some roads and make sure they are connected. Maybe by the end of this I can actually make a map using leaflet or openlayers and try and show some progress and make someone want to stop by and kill an hour or two and spend some cash.

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