Of Fish and GIS

Apr 17, 2012 | Rambling

No one in my family knows what I do. It’s become a bit of a running personal joke. Most days I’m the guy that’s good with “computers”.

Every now and then something funny happens. Nothing out of the ordinary – it just makes me laugh. I installed gmail on a neighbor’s computer. This morning I was pulling python code out of my ass to fix something that wasn’t quite working right….and Dad called. My Dad discovered email not that long ago. The one man who hates computers and most everything technological has now figured out – or at least he did over a year and a half ago – email. I could bore you with the back story but he has a cousin in Miami. So they trade pictures over email. I know what you’re thinking – those kind of pictures. Pictures of dogs. Weather. Kids. Family. Boats. Fish. Alligators. A digital camera and email has made all the difference. His world which has mostly been confined to a very small area got a bit larger. “Come look at what Jerry sent over the email”.

Today’s problem involved fish. Dad went fishing and wanted to share¬† picture of Poxmosis nigromaculatus – plain old Crappie (pronounced Cropee).

Somehow Picasa and Email had become disjointed. “It’s broke and won’t send my pictures” was the technical explanation. I fixed it. It took some hand holding and a bit of just click this (My dad – a very successful 8th grade dropout doesn’t read exceptionally well) and we sent pictures across the wires and through the void. Mom asked if I had fixed it and I said “Yup – Dad Won’t have any problems from here on out with email”. I snuck and sent one copy to myself. He worries about me since he has no clue in general what I do and how I even support myself. “My son makes maps” and I smile and wave and leave it at that. He has yet to fly on a plane. I don’t think he’s seen the Mississippi River.

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish. Next on the list is go fishing.

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