NRGS Model Builder Class for ArcGIS Desktop now under Creative Commons License.

Apr 15, 2014 | ArcGIS Desktop, ESRI, Open Source GIS, Training, Tutorial

A couple of years ago I wrote a model builder class and have only taught it twice. I’ve had people ask about it and I’ve been debating on what to do with it. There are some classes I like teaching and some I don’t. This one has always been a bit hit or miss. So I decided to do something a bit different. I’m releasing it under a Creative Commons license. So It’s free. If you want me to come teach it – give me a call. I’m not sending out certificates unless I’m there in person. Also – it makes more sense If I’m standing in front of you currently. Teaching is the hardest stand up routine I’ve ever done. I wrote this for version ArcGIS v10 – I think everything is still good to go. For version 6 of the class (this is version 5) I will be pouring back over it to make sure everything does work like it should.

One thing I would like is if you have changes or want to add things – forward them to me (you aren’t required to). My ultimate goal is to move this into github to make it more collaborative. Model Builder has been around long enough it’s worth knowing about. I think this class covers enough of the basics to get you started and happy with the software. I’m hoping by version 6 I get to a good spot with this class and get it to a level where it helps more people. Also I want to take “me” out of the class. In other words you read through this and you don’t have to have me standing up front answering questions.

I’m placing it on the website in pdf and odp (open office) formats. Like I said – the ultimate goal is github. I’ll be slowly working on this class and keeping it free. Once again – you want me to come teach it contact me and we will work something out.

The data! The data comes from a project I did several years ago – The Conasauga River Project. At one time I was using this data for every class I taught. There is more data here than you will need – but I didn’t want to break the dataset up. It was a great project GIS wise and it’s been very useful as training material.

Just to protect NRGS – This class is released as is. There is no warranty to the class or data and NRGS will not be held responsible if you build a model that destroys you, your computer, and causes natural disasters that ends life as we know it.

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