May 2020 Training Rescheduled for June 2020

Apr 10, 2020 | Chattanooga, QGIS, Tennessee

Well – this is all weird.

The Upcoming class in May is pushed off to June 24th and 25th. Hey – Is this a good idea? NO IDEA. I figure in about a month I’ll know whether to cancel it or go ahead with it. Of course we will be following the Guidelines of the CDC, Chattanooga State, State of TN and whoever else we can follow.

With that said – I’m starting to reformat the class for “virtual”. The class is built for in an person trainer and with that looking rather grim these days. I’m working on a slightly different setup using zoom/skype/something to work through the material. I could continue talking about that – but I’m pretty much tired of discussing virtual type of things as I suspect a good portion of you are.

Anyway – back to work. If you do wish to show up in June for a class – it’s 2 days in Sunny Chattanooga. We may knock off class early the first day and go canoeing.

Length of workshop: Approximately 16 hours

Topics Covered:

  • Interface
  • Vector Data
  • Raster Data
  • Plugins
  • Processing Tools
  • Field Calculator
  • Exercises Throughout


Cost: $700

Anyway – Good People Stay Safe and Learn some QGIS.

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