#maplesotho On January 16th 2015

Jan 16, 2015 | Crowdsourcing, Do Some Good, Open Street Map

I know I’m late on blogging – I’ve been busy.

So today I’m officially removing my self imposed break from OpenStreetMap and making it the community map I want… Help the US, Ireland, and the Kingdom of Lesotho build a basemap in OpenStreetMap.

From the MapLesotho website: 

Apart from a social media hashtag #MapLesotho is a crowdsource effort. The aims are to create an open, free to use map of the Kingdom of Lesotho on openstreetmap. This map should be well spatially defined with openstreetmap tagging. Lesotho has had no such free, open and accessible spatial data shared beyond or within Government agencies in the Kingdom. #MapLesotho is going to change this rapidly and put Lesotho on the map

The crowdsourcing is facilitated by using the HOTOSM tasking tool, which is used to support co-ordinated work by mappers who use openstreetmap. Various mapathons, as well as twitter campaigns and other promotions have taken place since the map of the country started to be built in February 2014.

The effort to start mapping this small country started as a result of Spatial Data professionals from Fingal County Council in Ireland working with Assistant Physical Planners from the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftanship to overcome their spatial data challenges. To date the crowdsource has involved persons and groups from numerous different countries.

There are two projects setup for this:

Task 597 

Task 599

They need help checking and digitizing! Don’t let the legend fool you – it may look almost done but there is still a lot of work left to do.

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