The Seventh day of XYMas…PostGIS

Dec 30, 2019 | postgis

You knew this was coming….which I should have put this in the SQL post but I really felt like it needed it’s own short article.

I was introduced to PostGIS about 6 years ago. It took me about a year to wrap my head around it. When I started using it my first inclination was “Well this isn’t much different than SDE” except I had never used SDE for anything more than data storage. Suddenly I could use SQL and muck around in the data and do things.

I enjoy postgis – I still suck at it. I sit and struggle with the simpler things (In my opinion) but it’s the most satisfying tool I use daily.

If you went back to my second day of XYMas where I said ‘Learn GDAL’ and I’m going to somewhat contradict myself and go ‘Learn Postgis’ and at the very least learn Spatial SQL. Earlier I was talking to someone who was just starting out her career in conservation and her question was “I want to learn more about GIS so what do I need to do?”. She has a wide array of tools at her command from the current offerings from ESRI to QGIS. My response was “Let’s load all your data into PostGIS/PostgreSQL and you start working with it” (that’s the one tool we don’t have loaded). Which then lead to more of a discussion on why I thought this was important. I know what will happen:

  1. She will be slow to get started
  2. There will be one day where she’s alone in the office and the tech bug will hit and she will start working her way into PostGIS
  3. Suddenly you realize you’ve got a whole new world of ways to look at your data.

Anyway – yeah I know I’ve not dove into anything practical – but I actually have no idea how to do anything practical in the short space these articles take up. All I can say is learn:




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