Knoxville FOSS4G 2018 – August 13th 2018

Jun 12, 2018 | FOSS4G, knoxville, Open Source GIS

It’s on.


Date: August 13th 2018

Plant Biotech Building
UT Ag Campus
2505 EJ Chapman Dr
Knoxville, TN 37996

I guess it might be safe to call this the Second Annual FOSS4G meeting in TN. We’re headed back to Knoxville on August 13th 2018 for another day of Free and Open Source excitement for GIS. Last year we had about 50 people turn up to hear talks ranging from OSM to LIDAR to Image Classification.

We’re also looking for Sponsors. Right now we have 3 and some money has already been promised. Most likely this even will cost $10 this year to offload some of the headache I got to experience last year as “Money Juggler”.  Depending on sponsors this $10 may drop. Registration will be open soon – that’s on my list for next week once I get a few more things settled.

Good people – if you are in the area turn up and come to this. It’s a good time. Good Discussion. Come see how you can benefit from FOSS4G in your world.

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