Intro to QGIS Class June 22- 23rd 2021

May 17, 2021 | QGIS, Training

It’s happening again:

Here is a bit more “behind the scenes” on training and life. When covid was causing me massive issues last year (and it still is – just to a much lesser degree), I was fighting the idea of teaching online. I had taken and had done online classes and it was (for me) harder than I wanted. Coming out of 2020 I made the decision to do 2 to 3 QGIS classes and see what would happen.

Overall it’s not been too bad. Any difficulties that have been encountered were just the normal human error on my part or the participants. I’ve gotten about 24 people trained and raised 560 dollars for the QGIS Organization. Which not that many people or not that much money BUT – this was never attainable holding in person classes. I did decide to bump the class up 25 dollars to cover certificates. Each QGIS certificate is 22 to 24.50 and having that little bit extra helps.

With that I’m in the middle of finishing up the next class with a “final” one being draft out. The problem with the next few classes is time. The Intro class is pretty much 7 hours and 45 minutes. The next one is looking like 16 hours or longer. The last class will be 8 to 12.

Anyway – all of that to say that training is actually going well. Come take a class!

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