Intro to QGIS class February 7th 2014

Jan 8, 2014 | Georgia, Open Source GIS, QGIS

…and we’ve got another scheduled in between all the other fun we’ve been having.

So for those of you keeping up – we’ve got an intro to QGIS class we’ve been teaching. We’re hold one here in Athens Georgia. We’ve started pounding out a Part II that drags you into editing and more technical insanity. Which has actually left the door open for a part III. Not sure about that yet though.

A lot of people I meet have been saying “money is an issue”. Budgets are tight and the glory days of massive data collection are over. Except the days of a desktop GIS are still here. How you want approach desktop GIS is a whole other discussion. Out thoughts are a mix is better. So maybe you go with a copy of the Commercial stuff and you fill out your efforts with some Open Source Software. It’s actually quite capable to do most of what you need to do. It’s well supported – from the community and we’ve dove into that arena also.

So anyway – enough of my rambling: February 7th 2014 – Athens Georgia. It’s an all day event and past students have been asking for Part II after taking the intro class. Plus you get to call us up and ask lots of questions afterwards…or better yet go have a beer in Downtown Athens if you are so inclined. Fill out the form on the training page or shoot us an email. Registration is informal and easy – and we would like to see you here. We’ve got room for 15 people and I’ll bring donuts.

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