GRASS 7.2 is out

Jan 23, 2017 | GRASS, QGIS

….But Randy you’re a month late announcing it. I know. I’m behind.

I’ve become a GRASS fan for the awesome processing power behind this software. For those who have kept up with the blog you’ve seen me do random things with LIDAR. I’ve used it to process Landsat. I’ve used the topology tools to clean up data. For those of you in County Government – did you know you can “network” your road layers and generate drive times for firetrucks? Yes – you can.

From the website:

GRASS GIS 7.2 is the version of active development with a first 7.2.0 stable release in December 2016. In total, it comes with more than 1900 fixes and improvements with respect to the stable releases 7.0.5.

Read here ->

So if you’re using QGIS you might have updated and then found your QGIS processing toolbox was broken.

  • If you’re on windows – update to 2.18.3 and you’re good with the standalone installer (and I haven’t tested 2.14.10).
  • If you’re on windows with the OSGEO installer – once again update and you’re good.

What if you on Linux like myself – it’s still broken. I spent some time this weekend and as I simultaneously ran on experiment the same thing came over the user list – just link your grass 7.2 binary to grass 7.0 so – if you’re on linux (specifically Ubuntu) and that last part sounded like crazy talk.

  • Open a terminal
  • cd /usr/bin
  • sudo ln -s grass72 grass70

Crank up a GRASS Processing tool in QGIS and you should be back up and running.


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