GIS Certification Survey

Jul 12, 2014 | GIS, GISCI, GISP

First off – I have 0 personal interest in this survey whether anyone fills this out or not…but I think it does serve some good.

I’ve had this back and forth with being a GISP. I was a huge proponent at one point…now I’ve gotten to the point where I think it’s past it’s prime. When GIS was a niche thing and you had to spell out to everyone why, who, and what…..I could understand having one. Now that GIS is mainstream….mostly everyone has one or knows about it, I question the relevance of this certification. Even with the upcoming test…I still that is a bit too little too late to pull this back into a useful state. Everyone is in a rush to beat the test……and I think that speaks volumes to the state of the certification. For my part – make it retroactive (HA).

Anyway – enough of my grouchiness.

Take the Survey:

Results will probably be posted online and will be shown at GISPro.

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