Georgia URISA Social – June 16th 2015

Jun 14, 2015 | GA URISA, GIS, Open Street Map, OSGEO

Date:       Tuesday, June 16
Time:       6PM – 8PM
Speaker: Randy Hale
Topic:      OpenStreetMap
Location: RiRa Irish Pub

1080 Peachtree St NE,Suite 1,
Atlanta, GA 30309
Located at the Corner of Crescent and 12th in Midtown

Sorry -I’ve been a bit negligent on posting. Been wrapped up in a database and that’s going to be a whole separate blog post.

I said a few months back I was done talking about OpenStreetMap. Well – I had a request to come talk about it again so I decided to do a talk titled “OpenStreetMap isn’t a Map”. Why did I get a bit worn out talking about OSM? It’s a tired topic on my end.  There are lot of good things being done but I’m only working on them when I have time. So – A more realistic assessment of OpenStreetMap will be given. I’ll dive into the technical. I’ll dive into special projects (#maplesotho) and I’ll talk about the Humanitarian work being done with the map. To me, OSM is a tool of the Modern GIS Person – so we will review the tool.

I’m beginning to think a lot of the derivative things that have sprung up are more important for me (those will be covered). OSM is valuable – don’t get me wrong and this isn’t going to be a Debbie Downer discussion on the project. Just honest. I’m also in all of my honesty going to encourage people to put a point on the map (BRING A LAPTOP – IF YOU BRING A TABLET YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN). We will then download that point. We will (because we are GIS people) discuss the ODBL and how goofy that license is….

So – if you are in the Atlanta Area and you want to drink a beer. Come down. If you want to ask questions about OSM. Come down. If you’re expecting me to give an empowering discussion of  how making a map is all rainbows and ponies……heh. Yeah come on down.


I’m 99.9 percent sure this is a free event. You can register if you want (I Haven’t). If I’m wrong –  you show up and don’t pay I’ll keep you from getting tossed out. I’ve got that power.

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