Georgia URISA Luncheon – October 2015

Oct 8, 2015 | Atlanta, GA URISA, Georgia, process

Location: South Cobb Regional Library
George Woody Thompson Community Room
805 Clay Road
Mableton, GA  30126

“Cobb County Easement Update: GIS Conversion Process”

The purpose of this presentation is to provide the audience information about the Cobb County’s Information Services Department, GIS Team, procuring an enhanced county-wide GIS easement dataset, obtained from digital and paper records, of properties located within Cobb County. This dataset includes county-owned permanent easement features such as drainage easements, sanitary sewer, permanent sewer, drainage, conservation and preservation. The goal of this obtained, extensive county-wide dataset is to support the operational missions of multiple departments within Cobb County.

This presentation will explain how the GIS Team expanded on the data that they collected and created over the course of a 1-year period from internal staff to initiation with vendor contracts. During the 1-year period, the easement definitions were defined as well as the GIS database design. The GIS Team recently started their 2-year contract with a vendor to create GIS features for an estimated 215,000 easements that currently exist within paper and digital formats.

Finally, this presentation will also include a review of the pilot project (good, bad & ugly), the compilation of an RFP (Request for Proposal) and the vendor selection process.

Presenter: Jennifer Lana – Cobb County
Jennifer is the current GIS Manager for Cobb County.  Jennifer has 18 years of professional GIS experience from the technician level to the management level. In her current position, Jennifer oversees Cobb County’s geospatial strategy in collaboration with a great group of GIS professionals.
Jennifer constantly stays on the cutting edge of the GIS software world. Jennifer also has hands-on technical expertise in various GIS areas such as Systems Architecture, Application Building, Data Management, Quality Control, and Data Analysis.

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